What to do When You’re Caught Topless in the Rain

Although it helps to keep track of the weather forecast when you put down your Jeep soft top, sometimes the weather person just gets it wrong. If you’re caught topless in the rain, there are several steps to take to prevent moisture damage.

Pull Over

Find a safe covered shelter. If you can pull over to an overpass, or a canopy of trees or just get to your destination quickly. It’s helpful to always keep a towel on hand. If there’s one available and it’s not pounding, wipe down the wet interior surfaces. before putting on the top. If you’re still planning to drive in the rain or if you’re parking outside in the wet weather, you’ll want to put the top on if you have standard interior features.

Quick Fix

Sometimes the rain comes down fast and furious without warning when you’re topless on the road. If you need to cover up quickly, it’s sometimes best just to stop and pull up the Jeep soft top quickly and get back on the road.

Water Resistance

While the interior upholstery has typically been treated with water-resistant fabric guard, the carpet can still get wet and water will collect on flat surfaces. A long and heavy rainstorm can dump a lot of water into your Jeep. Standing water can create a problem. There are a few ways to prevent mold and a musty smell that lingers afterwards.

  • Unzip and remove the windows at your first opportunity when it’s either not raining or you can put it in a garaged area.
  • Your Jeep Wrangler or CJ has drain plugs on the floor. If you have an interior flood, pull up the carpet enough to locate the drain plugs on the floorboards. Push the standing water towards the drains.
  • Use a wet vac or liquid vacuum cleaner to remove water or try the old-fashioned method of bailing any additional standing water by hand. Use old towels and rags to sop up any excess water.
  • If your carpet was under standing water for more than a few hours, spray a colorfast antimicrobial solution on the carpeting to prevent mold growth. Allow the interior to dry out completely. You don’t need to remove it if you pull out the windows.

Getting caught topless in the rain doesn’t have to be a bad experience. It can be fun getting wet on occasion, just don’t forget to take care of the excess moisture before it becomes a problem.

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