Tech Tip : Rough Idle, No Horn, Airbag Light, and Clock Springs on your 97+ Cherokee XJ and Wrangler TJ

Here’s a helpful tech tip you may not know about. The clock spring on the 97+ Cherokee XJ and Wrangler TJ shares a ground circuit that ties into your throttle position sensor (TPS) that, in addition to a inop horn and airbag light staying on, can cause some strange things to happen, such as rough idle, studdering, and poor MPG due to false readings from the TPS. It can actually short out and ruin the TPS, so be sure to replace the clock spring before you replace the TPS.
The clock spring is located just under your steering wheel. Its main purpose is to handle the electrical connections for your airbag, turn signals, and horn functions. Its a spring loaded ribbon cable that spins with the steering wheel, while keeping a constant connection without twisting or binding. These connections break down and cause a short or dead spot, causing the ground signal of the TPS to malfunction.
Replacement is relatively straight forward. Remove air bag module, remove steering wheel, and then you can remove and replace the clock spring.

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