Zone Offroad 4″ Suspension Lift, 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK

Zone Offroad 4″ Suspension Lift, 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK


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Featured Technology & Benefits

  • Coil springs designed to give a full 4″ of lift while maintaining a factory style ride. Our coils are 2door/4door specific, so be sure to select the proper application.
  • A front adjustable track bar is included to properly center the front axle
  • Cam washers are included to correct front end alignment
  • Rear extended sway bar links are included. These links come with urethane bushings to increase performance and reduce body roll. The factory rear links are then used in the front.
  • A rear track bar relocation system is included to perfectly center the axle under your JK
  • 2″ bump stop extensions are included to protect your vehicle while still increasing wheel travel
  • Brake line relocation brackets are supplied to allow for the dramatic increase in wheel travel
  • New Zone front and rear shocks are included that are valved specifically for your JK

Prepare yourself for the perfect combination of off road performance and on road handling. This 4″ JK system offers dramatic improvement in both ground clearance as well as wheel travel. With 4″ of lift, you can clear those 35’s with tons of room to twist as well as use your Jeep for a daily driver. Zone coil springs are designed so they can be totally smashed flat and still return to their original height, so you don’t have to worry about your coils sagging!

A heavy duty adjustable front track bar is included with durometer specific urethane bushings as well as a rear track bar relocation system. Unique to Zone, this system comes with front cam locks to increase caster and ensure good handling characteristics. These cam locks are guaranteed not to slip out of position like other adjustable round cam designs can.

Top this all off with extreme travel custom valved shocks and you have a system that will not only get you through the trail, but will handle just as well as a daily driver.


Important Notes!

  • This system works for the 2 door, 4 door and Rubicon models. The coils are specific for 2 door vs. 4 door, so be sure to select the correct model above.
  • Factory wheels cannot be re-installed due to rear sway bar link interference.
  • 2012-18 models using the stock front driveshaft require exhaust extension kit J5305

Quick Specs

  • Front Lift Height: 4″
  • Front Lift Method: Coil Springs
  • Rear Lift Height: 4″
  • Rear Lift Method: Coil Springs
  • Install Time Hrs: 4-5
  • Difficulty Level 1-5: 2
  • Wheel Size: 16 x 8
  • Back Spacing: 4.5″
  • Max Tire Size: 35 x 12.50


Kit Contents

Qty Part
2 Front Coil Spring
2 Rear Coil Spring
2 2″ Bump Stop (frt)
1 Bolt Pack 439 – Front Bump Stops
2 3/8″-16 x 2-1/2″ bolt grade 5
2 3/8″ USS flat washer
1 3/8″-16 x 1″ self-tapping bolt
4 Front Track Bar Bushing
2 Track Bar Sleeve – 0.750 x 0.095 x 1.610
1 Front Adjustable Track Bar Assembly
4 LCA Cam Washer
4 9/16″ SAE Washer
2 3″ Bump Stop (rear)
1 Bolt Pack 763 – Rear Bump Stop/Brake Line Drop
2 5/16″-18 x 1-1/4″ bolt
2 5/16″-18 x 7/8″ bolt
4 5/16″-18 prevailing torque nut
8 5/16″ SAE flat washer
2 1/4″-20 x 1″ self tapping bolt
Qty Part
1 Bolt Pack 768 – Rear Brake Line
2 1/4″-20 x 3/4″ bolt
2 1/4″-20 nylock nut
4 1/4″ USS flat washer
2 Rear Brake Line Bracket
2 Rear Sway Bar Link w/Bushings
1 Bolt Pack 758 – Rear Sway Bar Links
2 12mm-1.75 x 60mm bolt
2 12mm-1.75 prevailing torque nut
4 1/2″ SAE washer
4 Rear Sway Bar Link Sleeve – 0.625 x 0.075 x 1.375
1 Rear Track Bar Bracket
1 Bolt Pack 563- Rear Track Bar Bracket
1 9/16″-12 x 3″ Bolt
1 9/16″-12 x 3-1/2″ Bolt
4 9/16″ SAE thru-hardened washer
2 9/16″-12 Prevailing torque nut
1 3/8″-16 x 1-1/4″ bolt
2 3/8″ SAE thru-hardened washer
1 3/8″-16 Prevailing torque nut


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