Rough Country Traction Boards

Rough Country Traction Boards


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Rough Country’s Traction Boards are a great first line of defense in any recovery scenario. When your vehicle becomes over encumbered in mud, snow, sand, or ice, these handy traction boards help you regain traction so you can safely clear the obstacle and continue along your way in no time flat!

Rough Country’s Traction Boards feature a deep studded design to help your tires grip the board for easy recovery. Simply place the ramp end under your tires for instant traction to help you out of a tight spot. Rough Country’s Traction Boards are made out of a durable, high-density material for a long lifespan of easy recovery.

Before you gear up the winch or other tedious recovery efforts, reach for a set of Rough Country Traction Boards! Includes a free Rough Country carrying case.


  • An easier way to recover
  • Deep studded design for increased traction
  • ramped end for easy entry
  • Made of a durable, high-density material
  • Includes a Rough Country carrying case


  • 45in long
  • 13in wide


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