Mob Mount Magnetic Large Red

Mob Mount Magnetic Large Red


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Built for Off Road, by Off-Roaders
Made of aircraft grade aluminum and its rugged slide mechanism will hold almost any device
Supports 70 degrees of tilt and 360 degrees of rotation
Innovative approach to securing your mobile device
Designed to perform when the pavement ends
Created for off-road use, by off-roaders
Lots of Tilt, Lots of Rotation Why have an awesome magnetic phone mount if it cant tilt. Why have a great tilting phone mount if it can’t rotate? MOB has the same thoughts. MOB mades the Mob Mount Magnetic with a ball housing that supports 70 degrees of tilt and 360 degrees of rotation. This alls for you to adjust your Mob Mount to the perfect position.

Ruggedize your technology The world can be a pretty rough place. There are dangerous obstacles around every corner. Unlike most, however, this isn’t something that scares you. You are the type that goes out into the wild and braves whatever nature can throw at you. MOB built the only phone mounts that can thrive in conditions you can. This is the Mob Mount Switch Magnetic. Built with incredibly durable materials and attention to detail, this mount is prepared to take on whatever you can.

A Mounted Device is a Better Device While all like to push the limits MOB stills live by the words “safety first.” Keep your phone in view, but out of the way with the Mob Mount. Don’t put yourself at risk by putting your phone in a cup holder or cubby where it could move and cause problems. Your safety is the most important, but the safety of your device should also be addressed. With the Mob Mount Magnetic there is no compromise for safety. The cradle is made of aircraft grade aluminum and its rugged slide mechanism will hold almost any device. The mount is backed with a 90lb pull-force magnet so your phone will be safe in some of the most extreme conditions. MOB knows that you are out there to take on the next challenge. So go with a mount that you can trust, a Mob Mount.

Mob ArmorĀ® smartphone and tablet products take an innovative approach to securing your mobile device into your UTV, daily driver, or race truck. Product line started with the Mob Mount as a product of necessity. Not one product in the smartphone industry was up to standards or needs so Mob created something new. The brand has grown to over 150 different products and now in 3rd year of operation. With roots in the off-road industry, products are designed to perform when the pavement ends. Not only are Mob Armor products built for off-road use, they are designed by off- roaders who are involved in the industry and know what fellow off-roaders need in a device mount. Mob Armor products are built to last by using metal components, robust design, and an obsession for quality.



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