Lange Originals Coyote Mirror, Pair, JL/JT

Lange Originals Coyote Mirror, Pair, JL/JT


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Do you want to be able to take your doors off and still have mirrors so you are legal? The Coyote Mirror has you covered! Named after the famous Coyote Gulch trail in Moab, UT. This mirror has been made specifically to fit the new 2018 & Newer JL and JL Unlimited Jeeps as well as the JT Jeep Gladiator. The all-new Coyote Mirror has a mounting block and stem that has been precision milled out of solid billet aluminum. The block and stem are then hard anodized black to stand up to just about anything mother nature can dish out. The mirror head is made of strong plastic and will last a lifetime. The Coyote Mirror mounts solidly to existing bolt holes on your Jeep and requires no drilling or cutting. The stem and mirror head can be easily removed from the mirror block when they are not needed, and the block can be left in place for the next time you need to use your Coyote Mirror. Like a coyote, this mirror can adapt to almost any environment to keep you legal and safe.

Sold in pairs.


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Jeep Model / Year

Gladiator JT 20-current, Wrangler JL 18-Current


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