G/2 Chrysler 8.25 Master Rebuild Kit

G/2 Chrysler 8.25 Master Rebuild Kit


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Technical Details
For Use With 27 Or 29 Spline Axles
Pinion Nut
Pinion Seal
Timken Outer Pinion Bearing And Race
Crush Sleeve
Timken Inner Pinion Bearing And Race
Pinion Shims
Carrier Shims
More Details
Product Specs
G2 Master kits include all the parts that are needed to properly install a ring and pinion. These G2 kits include hard to find parts like a proper shim kit, replacement pinion nut , crush sleeve, pinion seal, pinion bearings, carrier bearings, ring gear bolts, silicone sealer, locktite and gear marking compound. these are the parts that the auto parts store never seems to have or ever herd of.


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