4Mudders 9″ LED RGBW Headlight For JL / JT

4Mudders 9″ LED RGBW Headlight For JL / JT


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Finally, a full 9″ replacement RGBW LED headlight for the JL and JT!  This unit features and adjustable, 100w, 6500 lumen projector style LED headlight with low and high beam.  The impressive RGBW halo features an impressive 3 part, fully independently adjustable bluetooth halo setup that lets you customize the look of the lights to match your Jeep or your current mood.  Also features a true white LED (not simulated white as found on most other RGB lights) to keep you legal going down the road.   The headlights bolt right in place of your factory halogen units.  The headlights plug in as well, and the halos only require a ground connection and a positive connection, which you make at the fuse box with the included fuse tap.  All 4Mudders LED lights have a 1 year warranty.


(limited supply available.  More on the way)

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Jeep Model / Year

Gladiator JT 20-current, Wrangler JL 18-Current


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