4Mudders 9″ Headlight 18+ JL / JT Gladiator


4Mudders 9″ Headlight 18+ JL / JT Gladiator

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Finally, a full size, plug and play (halo requires separate connection) 9″ LED replacement for the JL/JT! This is not a 7″ headlight with an adapter, rather a full 9″ integrated headlamp assembly for your JL/JT! Super bright at 100w and 6500 lumens, also features an impressive beam pattern. Fully adjustable up and down as well. White halo ring features a bright, unique light. Price includes a pair of headlights and fuse tap for halo function.

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Jeep Model / Year

Gladiator JT 20-current, Wrangler JL 18-Current


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