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Work Your Way Out of Trouble With Jeep Winches and Pulling Devices

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While part of the fun of having a Jeep is to see how well it takes the challenges that you throw at it, you also need to plan ahead for when you've overdone it a bit. If you get stuck and there's no one around, use some of these aftermarket Jeep parts and accessories to get yourself out of trouble. Winches, air compressors, straps and cables, shackles, rings and tow hooks are all helpful tools.


When you're off-roading in sand or mud, it's a good idea to deflate your tires a bit to give you better traction. Unfortunately, it can be a long way from the trail head to the nearest gas station with an air pump to refill your tires for the road. Use air compressors and kits to inflate your tires on the trail or to use pneumatic tools. You'll need a way to connect your compressor to power and a place store it where it's out of harm's way. Some compressor kits have accessories, like their own carrying case, a sand tray or an extra-long hose.

Winch and Recovery Accessories

Use winch recovery kits and accessories to supply everything you need to get out of a jam when you're off-roading. 4Mudders has it all, including electric winch motors, fairleads, covers, cradles, straps, hooks and rings, cables, ropes and mounting plates.

Hi Lift Jacks

When you need to change your tires on the trail or on the road, a stock model jack simply won't do. A hi lift jack is made especially for Jeeps with lift kits. You'll be able to raise up your vehicle quickly and safely to change your tires and get back to the fun of off-roading or continue down the road on your way home.


Keep in mind that adding a winch to your Jeep will affect its suspension. If you're planning on a lift kit – or if you already have one – this reduces the amount of clearance you have for your tires. Your tire size and type of wheels impact how you can use your Jeep, what type of lift kit you need and how easily your Jeep can get in and out of trouble.

Not sure what you need to make your Jeep trailworthy? We can help. Call 4Mudders today at 1-800-299-4321 to speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives.