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One of the great things about owning a Jeep is the wide range of wheels and customizable parts available to make your ride your own. You can update the look of your Commander, Cherokee, Liberty or Jeep Wrangler wheels in a variety of ways. Steel, aluminum, chrome, alloys and flat black are just some of the options. You might also upgrade your lug nuts, add beadlock rings or put in tire pressure monitors.

How Wheels Affect Your Ride

There are many things to consider when choosing new wheels. Wheels and tires affect how your Jeep looks, handles and behaves mechanically. They can also affect your budget. While vehicles come with stock and option choices in rims and tire selection, many Jeep owners choose to change them to personalize their vehicles.

Looks - Choosing the design of the wheels involves more than looking at new rims or tires and selecting a pattern. The color of your rims should complement your Jeep's color and style. Chrome wheels on a lime green rock-climbing Wrangler, for example, may not look as good as black rims. White steel wheels might be the perfect companion to your mudding or rock crawling tires. Wheels typically come in black or silver, and some are two-tone. The brightness and flash of the rims – or lack of it -- should blend in with the overall tone and presentation of your ride. Designs on rims and the use of center caps is another choice for Jeep owners. Center caps are primarily for appearance, but can also protect your wheel lugs from damage.

Performance - How much off-roading you do will probably affect what type of wheels you choose. Wheels that are built stronger will last longer if you like rock climbing or running on woodsy trails. You might also want to change your wheel spacers and adapters to improve off-roading performance. Spacers push out your wheels, improving stability and providing a wider track surface for better traction. When choosing between an offset and the more traditional look, many Jeep owners want wheels that are tough enough to handle rugged terrain, but also look great going down the road.

Wheel Accessories

Improve your on-road and off-road safety and performance with Jeep parts and accessories.

Lug Nuts and Kits - Whether you have wheel damage or you're just ready for a change, lug nut kits make replacement easy. They come with lugs, valve stems and a lug socket for easy installation. It's important that all of your lugs match in weight and style to provide a smooth ride and solid performance, especially for Jeep Wrangler wheels. It's helpful to have an extra set of lug nuts in case you lose one while you're in the middle of nowhere. Wheel locks for tire carriers are also available for added security.

Beadlock Rings - Beadlock rings keep the beads of your tires flush against your wheel rims and hold your tire in place when they are deflated. Without them, your wheels might fall of when you're off-roading. It's important to deflate your tires when you're on certain types of rugged surfaces, especially trails, mud and sand. Be sure to choose the right size rings for your tires. They typically come in black or silver, and a range of materials, including alloys, chrome and polished stainless steel.

Tire Pressure Monitors – Adjusting your tire pressure helps you get the most out of your wheels and tires. When you're on the road, it's important to have your tires properly inflated. Jeep models 2007 or newer have built-in tire pressure monitoring systems. You may need to replace the sensor monitor in one of your wheels if the system light is flashing on your dashboard.

All wheel styles are not options for all vehicles. The wheel must be available in the right size bolt pattern to fit the particular make and model of your Jeep. They must also be compatible with your tires. Use the search box in the upper left corner to find what's available through 4Mudders.