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Steering In the Right Direction With 4x4 Jeep Parts

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Whether you're on asphalt or dirt, you need your Jeep steering system to react to your every move. Not only do your steering system parts give you a smoother, they can give you a safer ride. Even small 4x4 Jeep parts, like a steering stabilizer replacement bracket, can make a big difference in handling, whether you're on the road or off the road.

Steering Wheels and Components
When you drive a Jeep, you take driving seriously. Your steering wheel needs to be comfortable, especially if you grip it hard on rugged terrain. Power steering makes it easier to turn and maneuver, with help from power steering pumps and pulleys, hoses and seal kits.

Tie Rods
Tie rods connect your Jeep's steering arm to the steering rack. They are adjustable, and basically control the movement from your steering rack through the steering arm to the wheels. When they're worn, tie rod clamps, tubes and ends, sleeves and boots can affect your vehicle's handling. If you want to adjust your Jeep's alignment, you can replace or upgrade your tie rods with 4x4 Jeep parts.

Have Death Wobble?
If you've experienced the dreaded Jeep Wrangler "death wobble," you'll know it. The vehicle starts to shake and shimmy until you slow down and regain control. It's a result of your front-end components playing tug-o-war with each other. For some Wranglers, it comes and goes, most commonly after a bump, pothole or rapid speed adjustment. It can happen to models with or without suspension lift kits, and there are a few different possible causes.

Jeep Death Wobble Solutions
Since different components can cause the Jeep to wobble and shake with no warning, it's challenging to pinpoint the culprit. What works for one Jeep owner may not work for another. While there is no set solution for correcting the Jeep's death wobble, it can be fixed. First, check your tires for uneven wear, and replace the tires if necessary. Second, check your steering stabilizer's brackets and connections. If they are loose or worn, replacing them with the appropriate Jeep Wrangler parts may eliminate the shimmying death wobble. Other possible fixes include the track bar, pitman arm, steering gears and adjusting the alignment. Keep in mind that it might be necessary to change more than one part to correct the death wobble, especially if it has happened on a number of occasions.

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