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Having a lift kit on your Jeep is part of the experience. There are lots of different reasons you might want a lift, from solving the problem of tire rub to enjoying the feeling of riding high in style on the road. At 4Mudders, we carry everything you need in suspension and shocks with Jeep aftermarket parts for your Cherokee, Grand Cherokee and Wrangler. Choose lift kits with all of the pieces you need to create the look you want for your specific Jeep model, trim package and model year. We carry Jeep Cherokee parts for all model years, as well as parts for Vintage Jeep model years 1941 through 1975, the CJ series for 1976 through 1986 and also for the Wrangler JK, YJ and TJ models.

When you're looking for the right lift kit, suspension, shocks and related parts for your next project, remember that your tire size is the central measurement involved. Any modifications you may have made that affect your Jeep's overall weight might react differently to the recommended lift kits, leaf springs, coil springs and other parts. The heavier it is, the lower and smoother it will typically ride.

When you've found the Jeep aftermarket parts you want, simply click on the specific product you want, then click on the Add to Cart box. 4Mudders offers secure checkout to make your buying experience stress-free.