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Sometimes, it's the little things in life that make all the difference. Jeep exterior parts and accessories help your Jeep last longer and keep it looking great on and off the road. They also improve your vehicle's utility features. Some of the best accessories are strapped to the outside of a Jeep. From roof racks and roll cage kits to hitches, hood hinges and side armor, if you want to dress up your ride with exterior Jeep parts and accessories, you have hundreds of options.

How to Find Exterior Jeep Parts and Accessories

If you're looking for something special, check out the list of aftermarket and replacement exterior Jeep parts on the left-hand side of the page. You can also use the search box at the top right-hand corner to find particular parts. Jeep Wrangler parts and accessories are available for all models, from the vintage to 1986 CJ models, as well as the JK, TJ and YJ Wranglers. You'll also find Jeep exterior parts for your Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Liberty and Commander.

Some Added Convenience for All Models

Whether you have a lift kit, you're vertically challenged or you wear a skirt and heels, a side step kit can make getting in and out of your Jeep easier. Side steps were among the first popular aftermarket Jeep CJ parts to be used by drivers and passengers alike. When paired with interior grab handles, you can make everyone feel comfortably sure-footed when they're going for a ride. While most exterior Jeep parts are available for all models, there are some that really cater to your specific needs for certain models.

Jeep Liberty Accessories

The Jeep Liberty has the versatility of an off-road vehicle with the safety features you need for family fun. Jeep Liberty accessories like the rooftop tent, roof racks and spare tire carrier celebrate the idea that you've got passengers, while letting you enjoy a rugged lifestyle when you feel like it.

Jeep Cherokee Parts

When you've got a car full of people and you need extra space in the back, add an outside rack platform to the back of your Jeep Cherokee. It's full of carefully machined holes so you can put on an aftermarket spare tire carrier or mount shovels, military gear or fishing poles if you prefer. There is an assortment of Jeep tire covers that fit your wheels, so choosing colors to complement your trim package is easy to do. From towing necessities to rain deflectors and side-view mirror relocators, you can personalize your ride with Jeep Cherokee accessories.

Jeep Wrangler and CJ Accessories

If you like taking off your doors and going topless when you're four-wheeling in your Jeep Wrangler or CJ, a roll cage kit, tube bumpers and adventure doors can offer you and your passengers extra protection without taking away that rugged outdoorsy feeling. Strap on roll bar accessories like beverage holders, hand grips, fire extinguisher straps and flashlight carriers. If you need a little more protection, add some frame rails and put on a soft top. There's also plenty of body armor to protect your fender wells and corners, plus cladding and tailgate covers, sold separately or in kits.

Jeep Commander Parts

If you like towing things in your Jeep Commander, you'll find plenty of exterior gadgets and parts. Broaden your horizons with hitch accessories, ball mounts and tow bars. To customize your towing and trailer set-up, use receiver extensions and adapters and drop ball mounts with reinforced gussets. The Jeep Commander towing capacity ranges between 3,500 pounds and 7,200 pounds for all model years, depending on the engine and other option details. As Donald A. Renkert, one of the principal stylists of the Jeep Commander, once said, "We don't want t to knock down the trees, we want to fit between them."

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