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Whether you've discovered a hole in your muffler, you want a different look on your exhaust tips or you lost half of your exhaust system trailblazing last weekend, 4Mudders has all of the Jeep exhaust parts you need. You can replace or upgrade, depending on what type of look and sound you like. We carry a wide variety of parts for most models, including catalytic converters, mufflers, tailpipes, header pipes and intermediate pipes. We have a full complement of exhaust system components. Check out our gaskets, clamps, brackets and spacers.

Tailpipe Spouts
If you've got a suspension lift on your Jeep, it sits up higher than most passenger cars. Your tailpipe doesn't need to be just another part of your Jeep's working parts. Add a tailpipe spout, also called an exhaust tip, for a little more flair and style. Tips come in a range of materials, shapes and sizes. Make sure you choose the right model and model year for your Jeep. With much more than just Jeep Wrangler aftermarket parts, we carry Jeep OEM parts for the Liberty, Cherokee, Compass and Patriot, as well.

Your muffler can make your Jeep sound very unique. Changing the size and type you have can make it sound throatier or more quiet, depending on the other types of exhaust parts you're using. Changing your muffler will have a very minimal effect on your fuel mileage, which can be offset by your penchant for revving the gas pedal to hear that nice little roaring sound.

Exhaust Head Pipes
Choosing the right exhaust head pipe is a matter of selecting the replacement Jeep OEM parts for your make and model. Exhaust pipes need to fit the contour of your vehicle's undercarriage. Since different models and model years have a slightly different configuration, it's important to order the right one. While custom pieces can be made, by ordering exact Jeep OEM parts for replacement, you won't need to worry about proper fitment.

Catalytic Converters
Catalytic converters help to control your Jeep's emissions, producing less pollution and helping to lower the environmental impact of gasoline-burning engines. They were first introduced into passenger vehicles in the U.S. in 1975. They have evolved considerably, and now reduce other carcinogens that were once released into the air. When ordering a replacement catalytic converter for your Jeep, you'll need to know the engine size in addition to the make and model information. If you have made any modifications to your exhaust system, you may need to change your catalytic converter so that it properly fits the other components.

Clamps and Brackets
Your exhaust system is one of the lowest points on the undercarraige of your vehicle. It's usually what gets damaged when your clearance is too low while your off-roading, hauling a heavy load or driving out of a parking lot with a big dip at the entrance. Clamps and brackets need to be strong enough to withstand your driving habits while holding your pipes in place. Be sure to choose the right size diameter on our Jeep OEM parts when upgrading or repairing your exhaust system.

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