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If you're looking for more functional off-roading and trail-worthy aftermarket accessories for your vehicle, there are different Jeep body parts available. Whether you're upgrading from stock parts or you need replacements from having a little too much fun 4-wheeling, you'll have your choices of body cowls and mounts, accelerator pedals and cables, doors, crossmembers and equipment storage solutions. You can order Jeep body parts like door panels, window crank handles, induction hood cowls and accelerator pedals to make your Jeep look better, handle better and be more comfortable to ride.

Types of Fender Flares

Fender flares are covers that wrap around the top side of your wheel well to protect your Jeep from damage – both on the road and off the road. Typically made of heavy molded plastic, these waterproof Jeep accessories come in smooth or textured styles. Fender flares are available in kits for all four wheels. They are also sold separately replacements. When you're buying individual fender flares, you'll need to specify front or rear and right or left.

  • All-Terrain - If you need added protection from rocks, mud and trail branches, as well as puddle splashes and country roads, the all-terrain fender flares could be your best choice. They are narrower than stock fender flares from the factory.
  • Flat - Use flat fender flares for larger tires without adding a suspension lift kit. They don't have the outer edge which protrudes over side of the tire.
  • Patterns - Some fender flare kits offer cut-out designs for various models. These can be typically be painted to match other trim pieces.
  • Removable - If you don't go off-roading very often, you may not feel a need for fender flares on your everyday ride. Use removable fender flares to allow for added tire clearance when you have a suspension lift kit on your Jeep and you're heading into unpaved territory.
  • Tubes - If you prefer a rounded look over flat fender flares or angled styles, tubes may be for you. These are similar to the original flares and coordinate well with tube doors and tube bumpers.
  • Wide - Use extra wide fender flare kits for Jeeps with over-sized tires. Keep them protected while getting a cleaner look for a larger off-set. Unlike the flat fender flares, the wide models angle down over the side of the tire. A typical extension is about seven inches.

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