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If you like to go off-roading, you'll need to set up your Jeep with aftermarket parts to improve your air and fuel systems. Cabin and air filters help to keep your vehicle running smooth no matter what type of terrain you're driving through. Other Jeep parts include fuel lines and hoses, gas caps and tanks, intake manifolds, throttle bodies, carburetors and emissions parts, to name a few. If you plan to drive along dusty trails, cross streams and creeks or hit the beach, make sure your Jeep can breathe. Snorkel kits protect your engine, improve your fuel mileage and even add a look of ruggedness to your ride.

Choosing a Snorkel Kit for Your Jeep
Dust and water can wreak havoc on your Jeep, making off-roading a different type of adventure than you bargained for when your air intake systems fail. Snorkel and airflow kits let you run through creeks and waterways without concern for blowing an engine by relocating your air intake and preventing hydro-lock. The snorkel connects to the side of your engine, with a hollow molded and angled arm that attaches to the side of windshield. There are different sizes and looks for snorkel kits, so you'll need to choose the right Jeep performance parts to suit your needs. To get started, you'll have to know what year, make and model Jeep you have, as well as the engine size it carries to make sure you select the right snorkel kit. They are available for a range of Jeep models, including the Cherokee, Liberty and Wrangler.

There are short and tall snorkel kits. If you don't plan on going too deep into water, the shorter height comes halfway up your windshield and should be sufficient. If you like to run in deeper water, choose the taller snorkel, which extends up to about roof level. The width of the arm varies by manufacturer. A wider diameter, such as 4 inches, allows for better airflow in deeper water.

As a whole, the snorkel kits contain different components made of different materials for better functionality.

  • Ducts - Polyethylene air ducts are cleanable and durable, as well as resistant to heat and water. Offshore plastic is also an option. While not as sturdy as other materials, it is less expensive.
  • Hoses - Silicone hoses are used for watertight flexibility that won't crack.
  • Filters - For air filter materials, note that different manufacturers use various blends of cotton materials to strain dust, sand and water from the air intake system. Pay attention to the number and types of layers for added protection.
  • Clamps and Brackets - Stainless steel, solid steel and other types of metal are used in clamps. Look for marine-grade metals that won't rust or degrade easily.

Jeep Snorkel Kit Installation Tips
For best results, choose a complete snorkel kit with high-quality components. Note that you'll need to drill a hole in your fender and stock air box to connect the snorkel. Make sure that you have a precision cut with a solid seal, particularly in the airbox, so that you won't have water leaking in when you're traveling through deep water. If the idea of cutting a hole in your Jeep fender makes you squeamish or you're not comfortable with power tools, you may want to have a professional install your snorkel kit.

Pre-filters pull cooler outside air into the system without dropping your horsepower or minimizing engine performance. They block larger dust and sand particles, preventing them from infiltrating the system and blocking airflow. If you like to run on sand or dusty trails, a pre-filter is a wise choice. Some manufacturers offer self-cleaning designs, while others need to be manually checked with some regularity. Some manufacturers offer pre-filters as part of a snorkel kit, while others sell them separately as a stand-alone item.

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