Look On the Bright Side With Jeep Lighting Accessories

Part of the fun of having a Jeep is accessorizing. You can customize your interior and exterior to suit your lifestyle with Jeep aftermarket parts. Lighting is a key area for practical needs, but it also creates a more rugged look.

Light Bars

Light bars offer better illumination for night driving or forays into dark places, like caves, campsites and deep woods. Mount a light bar on or over the windshield or above the front bumper to improve visibility. While LED bar lights are growing in popularity, the more traditional round lights are still a common feature. Floodlights can be mounted on a light bar on or over the windshield to help illuminate large areas. Mount fog lights low if you live in an area prone to fog or bad weather.

Guards and Bezels

When you go off-roading on trails with trees and brush, there will probably come a time when you break one of your lights unless they’re protected. Light guards resemble a cage and protect headlights, fog lights, floodlights, taillights and signals from damage. Practicality aside, they also promote that rugged, tough and playful look. If you like things to match, some brands have coordinating headlight bezels and grill inserts.

Interior Lights

If you do a lot of night driving on or off the road, you might want extra interior lighting. Rugged Ridge has an LED Interior Courtesy Light that’s mounted on a two-inch- or three-inch-wide roll bar. For emergencies, Pro Comp has a handheld spotlight with a 12-foot power cord that plugs into your 12-volt cigarette lighter socket.

Choosing the right lighting accessories and Jeep aftermarket parts is about what you want to use it for and how you want it to look.

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