Daystar switch panel install on 2013 Wrangler Unlimited

Looking for a neat and clean way to install switches for those new lights you installed on your Jeep?  Daystar makes a nice clean switch panel that compliments the factory interior.  Today we will show  you show to install a Daystar switch panel in a 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.
First thing to do, is get the proper tools.  Some of the things you will need are as follows:
  • Soldering iron, solder, heat shrink tubing
  • Crimp connectors
  • Plastic pry tools
  • Screwdrivers
  • Sharp, brand new razor knife
First thing to do, is to use your plastic pry tool and pop the top of the factory insert panel.  There are 4 clips  holding it in place.  Stick your tool in the slot as pictured, and pull back.  It might take a considerable amount of force for them to come loose.
Now, on automatic Jeeps, you will need to remove the center console trim.  First thing you need to do, is remove the transfer case shifter knob.  This is done by simply grabbing the knob, and pulling straight up.  It should pop free with considerable force.
Once the knob is removed, the e-brake lever needs to be FULLY pulled up.  FULLY!  You need to basically pull as hard as you can to get every last click.
Now you can pop the plastic trim around the center console.  Grab it at the bottom toward the front, and pull up.  It should unsnap.  Work your way around until all the snaps are free, and then pull it up and over the e-brake handle.  Now you can pull the dash panel up and away from the Jeep.
 Now its time to prep the switch panel.  First, remove 2 of the orange clips from the stock panel and put them on the daystar panel.   The panel comes with all 5 of the switch panels filled in, you need to use a razor knife and cut out the partially cut holes.  Carefully use your razor knife to cut out all of the holes.  Take your time, you don’t want to cut out too much.  I poked a few holes around the corners from inside to give me a guide on where to cut.  Once you cut out all of your holes, take a file and file down the rough edges enough so that the switches fit snugly.  This will take some time with a lot of fitting.
Install your switches, and start wiring them up.  I choose to crimp the connectors on the wire, and add a bit of solder at the end to ensure a good connection.
Now just snap the panel back in place, and your finished!

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