Controlling Your Wind Exposure

While driving down the road in your topless Wrangler or CJ with the wind in your hair is an appealing idea, there are times when you’d rather have some protection. There are several accessories available to help you get the right amount of fresh air without feeling overblown and keep those lady friends happy.

Bikini Tops

A bikini top covers the top front portion of your Jeep. It fastens at the roll bar and limits overhead wind and sun without taking out the fresh-air feeling. The back seat remains exposed. Bikini tops are available in a variety of colors and materials.

Roll Bar Tops

Similar to bikinis, roll bar tops extend over the front seat and rear seat, protecting your backseat passengers from the sun without blocking the wind from the back and sides.


The duster features a top across the front to the roll bar and encloses the area behind the front seats, extending across the back seat. This keeps you protected from wind and rain, creating a shorter cab while covering the back seat floor as well. The duster comes with a see-through back window for better visibility.

Add a Trunk

The Add-a-Trunk feature is ideal for minimizing the effects of wind on smaller items that could otherwise blow out of your Jeep Wrangler. It also offers protection from sticky fingers and prying eyes. It fits securely on the back behind the tailgate. Put your extra gear in the trunk and lock it if you like.

Hard Tops

For complete protection from the wind and other elements, choose a hard top. It makes your Jeep Wrangler or CJ feel more like a traditional enclosed vehicle – if you’re into that sort of thing.

Soft Tops

Select a soft top for versatility. If offers wind protection and has side and rear zip-out windows. Soft top Jeeps come from the factory with optional full metal doors or half-doors with a zip-down window. The doors are removable for the full-on effect if you prefer.

Various tops are sold separately as Jeep accessories. The bikini top, duster and zip-out soft top windows are quickly and easily installed and removed by one person. Other accessory tops take one or two people, depending on the top type.

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