About Us

About Us


4Mudders retail showroom is open 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday, and closed on all major holidays. We are located at 439 Cincinnati-Batavia Pike, Cincinnati Ohio 45244, on the corner of old 74 and 32, across from Beechwood Road and the VA Hospital. We are in the same building as Gray’s Towing. Give us a call to verify in-stock items at 513-528-1046 or 1-800-299-4321

4MUDDERS is a new, up and coming leader in internet and in store distribution of Jeep parts and accessories. The company was founded in 2009 but also has a history in truck and automobile parts and service in addition to the towing industry since 1932.

In the early 2000’s, owner and founder Rodney Gray decided it was time for the Jeep to make a comeback in the towing industry in Cincinnati, Ohio. Rodney modified his own 1987 Jeep Wrangler for use in off road recoveries for the family towing business, Grays Towing. It was during this modification process he determined there was a need for Jeep parts and accessories to be easily accessible to all Jeep lovers. After long hours of research and planning, 4MUDDERS was launched in 2009. In addition to online sales, we setup at many regional Jeep shows such as Muddy Buddy’s Jeep Jam, Dayton Off Road Expo, Ohio Jeep Fest, and a few others. After building an inventory from doing multiple shows, we decided to open a retail showroom and installation shop in December of 2018.

Rodney was taught by his father, Charlie Gray, in the ’70s, to do off road recoveries using his Jeep Willys Recovery Unit. The company still owns four of these vehicles. These vehicles were originally modified in the early 1950’s by Charlie and his brother. Grays Towing used them extensively in rural southwest Ohio until the early 1980’s. Since those days, Grays Towing has grown into one of the largest towing fleets in Cincinnati.

4MUDDERS is growing and expanding due to new customers online and in store. We add new products monthly and will continue to assist you in locating hard to find essentials to keep your Jeep in tip top condition.