5 Off-Roading Accessories for Your Wish List

When you’re off-roading, it’s always good to be prepared. There are a lot of off-roading accessories on the market that will make any outdoor adventure a little more fun and less stressful. Here are 5 items to add to your wish list for serious off-roading fun.

Air Compressors

For especially rugged terrain or days when you’re spending lots of time off the beaten path, you can expect a hiccup or two. Onboard compressors are good to have in case of emergency. If you get a flat tire or need to re-inflate low pressure before you get back on the road, use a portable compressor to do the job. There are a wide range of models, from the type in a bag you can tuck under your seat to those with a sand tray for convenience. For something new and different, the exhaust jack is another option. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to avoid any mishaps while changing tires and fixing flats.

Roll-Bar Storage and Accessories

If you’re hitting rugged terrain, your passengers might be worried about spilling their drinks or losing their beverages. Drink holders can be attached to your roll bar to minimize drops and spills. Other accessory options include cell phone and flashlight holders that strap to your roll bar. For safety, a first aid kit and fire extinguisher with hook-and-loop straps keep necessities on hand in case of emergency.


If you plan to run in water that’s higher than a few inches, a snorkel is a smart precaution. A favorite in Jeep performance parts for off-roaders, it funnels the air intake through a molded hollow arm, preventing hydro-lock after a trek through deep water. What type of snorkel kit you need depends on whether you want the hose to extend to your roofline or midway up your windshield. The kit includes hoses, filters, ducts, clamps and brackets. If you live in the desert or enjoy riding on dirty, dusty trails, a snorkel with a pre-filter is also wise choice in dry environments to block sand and dust from infiltrating your engine.

Skid Plates and Body Armor

Rock climbing is its own kind of adventure. If you want to put your Jeep to the test on the rocks, it’s a good idea to add some body armor to your undercarriage and your front end. Skid plates protect your steering box, transfer case and drivetrain from damage. Side armor, front bumper brush guards and cages for lights offer extra protection for the exterior so you won’t have to replace your Mopar Jeep parts as frequently.

Roll Cages

If the phrase “no fear” is in your vocabulary, you’ll need a roll cage to supplement your factory roll bar. Smittybilt offers a roll cage for several Wrangler models that is designed to protect passengers in both the front and rear in the event that your Jeep goes belly-up. Cage kits are made of .120 wall DOM tubing. In English, that means that steel tubing is manufactured, then drawn over a Mandrel, making it cold formed and smoother. It has a nearly undetectable seam line. In short, it’s the stuff that race cars are made of.
When you’re planning a trip off the beaten path, the most important thing is to be prepared. It’s the best first step in taking an off-road adventure.

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